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pointer(---------------- ------------svt_get Do something before the value of the SV is retrieved.svt_set Do something after the SV is assigned a value.svt_len Report on the SV's length.svt_clear Clear something the SV represents.svt_free Free any extra storage associated with the SV.svt_copy copy tied variable magic to a tied elementsvt_dup duplicate a magic structure during thread cloningsvt_local copy magic to local value during 'local'For instance, the MGVTBL structure called C<vtbl_sv> (which correspondsto an C<mg_type> of C<PERL_MAGIC_sv>)   X-Ref
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will(the SV as the second. A simple example of how to add C<PERL_MAGIC_uvar>magic is shown below. Note that the ufuncs structure is copied bysv_magic, so you can safely allocate it on the stack.voidUmagic(sv)   X-Ref
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takes(=over 4=item C<SV* save_scalar(GV *gv)   X-Ref
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is(If it exists in L<perlapi>, it's part of the API. If it doesn't, and youthink it should be (i.e., you need it for your extension)   X-Ref
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used(STATIC voidS_incline(pTHX_ char *s)   X-Ref
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