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named("Foo". However, the default name for the format associated with a givenfilehandle is the same as the name of the filehandle. Thus, the defaultformat for STDOUT is named "STDOUT", and the default format for filehandleTEMP is named "TEMP". They just look the same. They aren't.Output record formats are declared as follows:format NAME =FORMLIST.If the name is omitted, format "STDOUT" is defined. A single "." in column 1 is used to terminate a format. FORMLIST consists of a sequence of lines, each of which may be one of three types:=over 4=item 1.A comment, indicated by putting a '=item 2.A "picture" line giving the format for one output line.=item 3.An argument line supplying values to plug into the previous picture line.=backPicture lines contain output field definitions, intermingled withliteral text. These lines do not undergo any kind of variable interpolation.Field definitions are made up from a set of characters, for starting andextending a field to its desired width. This is the complete set ofcharacters for field definitions:X<format, picture line>X<@> X<^> X<< < >> X<< | >> X<< > >> X<X<@*> X<^*> X<~> X<~~>@ start of regular field^ start of special field< pad character for left adjustification| pad character for centering> pad character for right adjustificat0 instead of first . decimal point within a numeric field... terminate a text field, show "..." as truncation evidence@* variable width field for a multi-line value^* variable width field for next line of a multi-line value~ suppress line with all fields empty~~ repeat line until all fields are exhaustedEach field in a picture line starts with either "@" (at)   X-Ref
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