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with(as a leading C<;> or perhaps a C<+>, or by wrapping it with parenthesesor braces.=head2 Calling the debuggerThere are several ways to call the debugger:=over 4=item perl -d program_nameOn the given program identified by C<program_name>.=item perl -d -e 0 Interactively supply an arbitrary C<expression> using C<-e>.=item perl -d:Ptkdb program_nameDebug a given program via the C<Devel::Ptkdb> GUI.=item perl -dt threaded_program_nameDebug a given program using threads (experimental)   X-Ref
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calls(each statement.=item rX<debugger command, r>Continue until the return from the current subroutine.Dump the return value if the C<PrintRet> option is set (default)   X-Ref
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was(contexts respectively, and C<.> meaning void context (which isactually a sort of scalar context)   X-Ref
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