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name(Examples of legal names are '$foo' for a scalar, '@foo' for anarray, '%foo' for a hash, '&foo' or 'foo' for a subroutine and '*foo'for a glob (i.e. all symbol table entries associated with "foo",including scalar, array, hash, sub and filehandle)   X-Ref
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with(the compartment, or by any code anywhere that is called by any meansfrom the compartment, then the eval in the Socket module's AUTOLOADfunction happens in the namespace of the compartment. Any variablescreated or used by the eval'd code are now under the control ofthe code in the compartment.A similar effect applies to I<all> runtime symbol lookups in codecalled from a compartment but not compiled within it.=item rdo (FILENAME)   X-Ref
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