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Interface: for  - X-Ref

in(such a function, call it with $lang as its first parameter (as if itwere a method)   X-Ref
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for(on the strings which you get back from gettext does allow you to do I<some>common things passably well... sometimes... sort of; but, to paraphrasewhat some people say about C<csh> script programming, "it fools youinto thinking you can use it for real things, but you can't, and youdon't discover this until you've already spent too much time trying,and by then it's too late."=head2 Replacing gettextSo, what needs to replace gettext is a system that supports lexiconsof functions instead of lexicons of strings. An entry in a lexiconfrom such a system should I<not> look like this:"J'ai trouv\xE9 %g fichiers dans %g r\xE9pertoires"[\xE9 is e-acute in Latin-1. Some pod renderers wouldscream if I used the actual character here. -- SB]but instead like this, bearing in mind that this is just a first stab:sub I_found_X1_files_in_X2_directories {my( $files, $dirs )   X-Ref
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