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like(exception of C<[tense,_1,X]>, which will append C<ing> to C<_1> whenX is C<present>, or appending C<ed> to <_1> otherwise.=head1 OPTIONSAll options are passed either via the C<use> statement, or via anexplicit C<import>.=head2 ClassBy default, B<Locale::Maketext::Simple> draws its source from thecalling package's F<auto/> directory; you can override this behaviourby explicitly specifying another package as C<Class>.=head2 PathIf your PO and MO files are under a path elsewhere than C<auto/>,you may specify it using the C<Path> option.=head2 StyleBy default, this module uses the C<maketext> style of C<[_1]> andC<[quant,_1]> for interpolation. Alternatively, you can specify theC<gettext> style, which uses C<%1> and C<%quant(%1)   X-Ref
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