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will(C<$_> will be the same as C<$File::Find::name>.=item C<untaint>If find is used in taint-mode (-T command line switch or if EUID != UIDor if EGID != GID)   X-Ref
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is(File::Find if a file is "wanted" or not. In fact, its return valueis ignored.The wanted function takes no arguments but rather does its workthrough a collection of variables.=over 4=item C<$File::Find::dir> is the current directory name,=item C<$_> is the current filename within that directory=item C<$File::Find::name> is the complete pathname to the file.=backThe above variables have all been localized and may be changed withouteffecting data outside of the wanted function.For example, when examining the file F</some/path/foo.ext> you will have:$File::Find::dir = /some/path/$_ = foo.ext$File::Find::name = /some/path/foo.extYou are chdir()   X-Ref
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