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names(C<Mksymlists> will alter the names written to the linker optionfile to match the changes made by F<xsubpp>. In addition, ifnone of the functions in a list begin with the string B<boot_>,C<Mksymlists> will add a bootstrap function for that package,just as xsubpp does. (If a B<boot_E<lt>pkgE<gt>> function ispresent in the list, it is passed through unchanged.)   X-Ref
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for(=item DL_VARSThis is identical to the DL_VARS attribute available via MakeMaker,and, like DL_FUNCS, it is usually specified via MakeMaker. Itsvalue is a reference to an array of variable names which shouldbe exported by the extension.=item FILEThis key can be used to specify the name of the linker option fileminus the OS-specific extension)   X-Ref
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