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will(returns a hashref keyed IV NV PV SV to show which combination of pointers willbe needed in the C argument list generated byC_constant_other_params_definition and C_constant_other_params=cutsub params {'';}=item dogfood arg_hashref, ITEM...An internal function to generate the embedded perl code that will regeneratethe constant subroutines. Parameters are the same as for C_constant.Currently the base class does nothing and returns an empty string.=cutsub dogfood {''}=item normalise_items args, default_type, seen_types, seen_items, ITEM...Convert the items to a normalised form. For 8 bit and Unicode values convertsthe item to an array of 1 or 2 items, both 8 bit and UTF-8 encoded.=cutsub normalise_items{my $self = shift;my $args = shift;my $default_type = shift;my $what = shift;my $items = shift;my @new_items;foreach my $orig (@_)   X-Ref
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