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to(argument.Defaults to C<64>.=head2 $Carp::MaxArgNumsThis variable determines how many arguments to each function to show.Use a value of C<0> to show all arguments to a function call.Defaults to C<8>.=head2 $Carp::VerboseThis variable makes C<carp> and C<cluck> generate stack backtracesjust like C<cluck> and C<confess>. This is how C<use Carp 'verbose'>is implemented internally.Defaults to C<0>.=head2 %Carp::InternalThis says what packages are internal to Perl. C<Carp> will neverreport an error as being from a line in a package that is internal toPerl. For example:$Carp::Internal{ __PACKAGE__ }++;sub foo { ... or confess("whatever")   X-Ref
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