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Title: Performous Type: Linux Game
Genre: Music Status:
Category: Multimedia ➤ Karaoke ➤ Dance & Rhythm Commercial:
Tags: Multimedia; Karaoke; Dance & Rhythm; Sound; Level Editor Demo:
Released: Latest : 1.0 / Dev : E377f9f Package Name: performous
Date: 2015-04-24 Extern Repo:
License: GPL v2+ Deb Repo: Debian
View: Third person Package: ✓
Graphic: 2D Binary: ✓
Mechanics: Real Time Source: ✓
Played: Single & Multi PDA:
Quality (record): 5 stars Quality (game):
Contrib.: Goupil & Louis ID: 12286
Created: 2010-08-20 Updated: 2015-10-31


[fr]: Un ensemble de jeux musicaux [en]: An open-source karaoke, band and dancing game where one or more players perform a song and the game scores their performances


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Description [fr]

Un ensemble de jeux musicaux, par la Performous Team.

Performous (ex UltraStar - Next Generation) est un ensemble de jeux musicaux comprenant plusieurs modules :
• un module de chant de type Karaoké avec contrôle de la voix, du type Singstar,
• un module de danse, du type Dance Dance Revolution,
• un module de rythme, du type Guitar Hero ou Rock Band.

Bien plus qu'un Karaoke, Performous ne se contente pas d'afficher la chanson : il affiche aussi les notes et votre score prend en compte votre aptitude à jouer correctement les notes.
Contrairement à d'autres jeux musicaux, vous verrez l'intonation précise de votre voix, ce qui vous permettra de voir ce qui ne va pas et d'y apporter les corrections nécessaires.
La plupart des chansons disponibles contiennent bien-sûr les voix originales et les versions de Karaoke récentes sont rares.
Pour ceux qui chantent plus que bien, un mode Karaoke est disponible. Ce mode n'affiche que les paroles (pas de notes ni de score).

☐ Comparaison avec Singstar ?
Jusqu'à la version 0.3, le projet avait pour ambition d'être une alternative libre à Singstar.
Depuis, au vu des nombreuses améliorations et fonctionnalités ajoutées, Performous a dépassé ce stade et s'en écarte nettement.

☐ Concernant Guitar Hero et Rock Band ...
Performous utilise les mêmes instruments et le gameplay est évidemment très similaire.
Néanmoins des modifications dans la comptabilisation des points et dans d'autres aspects l'écarte du concept original.
Le but de ses concepteurs est de rendre le jeu amusant et de rendre le système de score le plus fidèle possible à la réalité pour permettre une comparaison des joueurs entre eux.

☐ Concernant Stepmania et Dance Dance Revolution ?
Depuis la version 0.5.0 vous pouvez utiliser le périphérique de danse avec les fichiers de danse au format Stepmania.
Encore une fois, la notation porte sur votre précision à composer les notes défilant à l'écran. Laissez le rythme guider vos pas !

Description [en]

Performous is an open-source rhythm/performance platform that contains singing, guitar/bass playing, drumming and dancing all in one game.

An open-source karaoke, band and dancing game where one or more players perform a song and the game scores their performances. Supports songs in UltraStar, Frets on Fire and StepMania formats. Microphones and instruments from SingStar, Guitar Hero and Rock Band as well as some dance pads are autodetected.

We develop Performous, a cross-platform open-source music and rhythm game combining elements from games like Rock Band, SingStar and Dance Dance Revolution.


Pick up your microphone and start singing. The game won't just score your performance but your pitch is constantly displayed so you can correct the mistakes and actually learn to sing... And then beat your friends in multiplayer mode, or do a duet with someone you love :)

For those who sing rather than well (or who just want more artistic freedom), a karaoke mode is provided. In this mode only lyrics are displayed and there are no notes or scoring.

Guitar and drumsholding keyboard

Pick up your keyboard like this... Or if you prefer, connect one of those guitar controllers you can buy for almost nothing at your local gaming store. Playing a plastic guitar with five buttons sure isn't like the real thing but it just happens to be a good deal easier to learn and thus a hit at your party. Just make sure that the guys holding your guitar controllers allow others to play too.

Playing drums is like the real thing, especially if you happen to be lucky enough to have one of those professional MIDI drum sets. For the rest of us the el cheapo band game controllers will have to do.


Let the rhythm guide your feet when you show your dance moves on a dance pad, or just be a geek and use the keypad with your fingers instead. The graphics ain't hot yet but nonetheless you can dance all the same.


☑ Visualisation en temps réel de l'écart chanson / tonalité de votre voix,
☑ Mesure très précise de l'intonation de la voix tenant compte de l'environnement sonore, de multiples intonations simultanées sont mesurées et séparées correctement,
☑ gameplay intelligent pour la guitare et la basse, le moteur détermine ce qui était prévu plutôt que de simplement retenir la corde la plus proche, ...
☑ support multijoueur non simultané,
☑ support écrans larges,
☑ détection automatique du matériel : instruments Guitar Hero et Rock Band, tapis de danse génériques, micros Singstar et Rock Band, passage automatique aux autres périphériques si aucun microphone de ce type n'est détecté,
☑ compatibilité avec les fichiers musicaux de UltraStar, Frets on Fire et FretsOnFireX,
☑ effets (rendu OpenGL) et animations, vidéos musicales en fond, plusieurs modes (Karaoke, performance, ...),
☑ possibilité de jouer simultanément de la batterie et de la guitare,
☑ éditeur de musiques (Song editor),
☑ internationalisation (dont le Français), ...

o Features
☑ Vocals, guitars (lead/rhythm/bass), drums and dancing with multiplayer support
☑ Extremely good singing pitch detection (usable even with laptop or webcam microphones)
☑ Intelligent gameplay determines what the player attempted to do
- Avoid accidental hammer-ons / pull-offs, among other things
- No more "wtf, I didn't make any mistake there" feeling
☑ Controllers are autodetected (no need to configure keys)
☑ Song formats: FoF, UltraStar, SingStar PS2 DVD (with ss_extract), StepMania
☑ C++ for high performance, rapid development and solid code
☑ OpenGL 2.0 and SVG for nice graphics
☑ Free software, licensed under GNU GPL version 2 or later

o Composer :
Composer is a song editor for creating (and converting) notes for music games in various formats. It attempts to make the process easy by automating as much as possible while providing a simple and attractive interface to do the remaining manual work.

Key features of Composer include:

☑ Song pitch analysis based on the esteemed algorithms from Perfomous.
☑ Zoomable interface to quickly get an overview or doing very precise timing.
☑ Possibility to synthesize the notes to get a feel of their "sound".
☑ Import/export in various formats including:
- SingStar XML
- UltraStar TXT
- Frets on Fire MIDI

Composer has a rather distinguished workflow: for example, the lyrics are imported as a whole and each time you manually put a note in place, the others automatically adjust to take use of the new information in providing a better guess of the pitch and timing. In a sense, you are not actually creating a song, but fixing and tuning the result of what the computer thinks the notes should be like.

NEWS (0.7.0) :
☑ Gameplay
• Full duet support! (SingStar XML, UltraStar TXT and Frets on Fire formats)
• High-pitched soprano voice is now detected properly (thanks for the bug report!)
☑ Graphics and performance
• Modern rendering pipeline
⚬OpenGL 1.x is gone for good, OpenGL 2.1 or better required
⚬Improved graphics quality
• Stereo3D mode
⚬Anaglyph glasses, top/bottom, experimental HDMI 1.4 support
⚬Requires OpenGL 3.3 or better
• Optimizations everywhere to make it run even faster (port to Android, anyone?)
• Asynchronous texture loading
⚬Makes menus run faster and smoother
⚬Black rectangles may sometimes appear during loading
• Dance mode still sucks (HELP WANTED!)
☑ Controllers
• Instrument type configuration via settings menu
• More USB devices autodetected (controllers.xml)
• MIDI drum mapping is now configurable (mididrums.xml)
☑ Miscellaneous
• Improved webcam support and compatibility
• Configurable legacy charset (for non-UTF-8 songs)
• Tools (ss_extract and friends) cleaned up and can now be cross-compiled for Windows
• Massive amounts of small fixes, improvements and code cleanup everywhere
☑ Translations
• Asturian, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish

Installation [fr]

Le logiciel est en dépôts, il suffit d'installer le paquet.

Remarques :
• Un certain nombre de chansons sont disponibles (au format compressé ".zip") : voir la section "Resources" ci-dessus.
• Le paquet performous-tools (en dépôts) permet de convertir les DVD du format Singstar au format Performous.