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[fr]: Une interface de tracking des mouvements de la tête de l'utilisateur via sa Webcam [en]: An application dedicated to tracking user's head movements and relaying them to games and flight simulation software


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Description [fr]

Une interface de tracking des mouvements de la tête de l'utilisateur via sa Webcam, par la Opentrack Team.

Opentrack est une interface de tracking des mouvements de la tête de l'utilisateur via sa Webcam (dérivé du projet FaceTrackNoIR, pour Windows), relayant l'information :
• à un jeu natif (le simulateur de vol Flightgear, dans le Bottin, est supporté),
• à un autre logiciel/jeu non natif (l'émulateur Wine est supporté via le "Wine freetrack glue protocol "),
• ou émulant un joystick (via libevdev) pour un jeu non supporté,
• voir à un autre ordinateur (en UDP).

L'intérêt de cette interface est qu'elle se base sur les mouvements du visage de l'utilisateur, ne nécessite pas de capteurs/périphériques additionnels (autres que votre webcam), et permet une grande liberté de mouvements de la tête (droite/gauche/haut/bas/de côté/avance/recul), révélant tout son intérêt notamment dans les simulateurs de vols (accès aux commandes du cockpit tout en pilotant, observation de l'environnement extérieur sans abandonner le manche, ...).

Voir aussi / See also : Enable Viacam, Opentrack,

Description [en]

opentrack is an application dedicated to tracking user's head movements and relaying them to games and flight simulation software.

opentrack offers output shaping, filtering, is buildable on MS Windows, MacOSX and GNU/Linux.

Modular headtracking program that supports multiple face-trackers, filters and game-protocols. Among the trackers are the SM FaceAPI, AIC Inertial Head Tracker and PointTracker (IR-tracker derived from FreeTrack). Movements of the head are registered by a simple web cam: no additional hardware is required! Supports Free-track, FlightGear, VJoy, PPJoy and TrackIR, SimConnect and FSUIPC protocols.

We're not able to provide Linux binaries! Compile on your own, should work out of the box, provided needed libraries are present.

Forums (opentrack) :
Q : Pardon my ignorance, but is this facetracknoir replacement?
R : Not quite, I believe FaceTrackNoIR is still being developed. It's probably more like a child of the father, but the child is way past the baby stage. Am I explaining that somewhat correctly sthalik ?

Tracking sources

• PointTracker by Patrick Ruoff, freetrack-like light sources
• Oculus Rift
• AR marker support via the ArUco library
• HT tracker
• Razer Hydra
• Relaying via UDP from a different computer
• Joystick analog axes (Windows only)

A while ago, the only way to 'tell' your computer what to do, was by moving your mouse and hitting buttons. Of course you could also use a joystick and/or similar devices, but you still had to use your hands (or feet).
Since the evolution of web-cam technology and gaming-consoles (and the accompanying software's), it is also possible to send data to your computer by moving others parts of your body: motion tracking was introduced.
The technology is simple: a web-cam sends a video-stream to the computer, thus providing a massive stream of 'raw-data'. Sophisticated software filters the video-images and locates 'reference points' (usually bright IR-lights). Using these anchors, the software calculates movement and position(s), relative to an artificial 'center'. This data can now be used to move your head 'in-game': a very natural way of moving compared to the old 'sticks and buttons'!
The beauty of FaceTrackNoIR is that the tracker-software uses 'facial reference-points' to do the math, so no LED-constuctions are required...


☑ FlightGear Nasal script
☑ FSUIPC for Microsoft Flight Simulator (Windows)
☑ SimConnect for newer Microsoft Flight Simulator (Windows)
☑ freetrack emulation (Windows)
☑ Relaying udp to another computer
☑ Joystick support via libevdev (Linux)
☑ Joystick support via VJoy (Windows)
☑ Wine freetrack glue protocol (Linux, OSX)
☑ Tablet-like coordinate output (Windows)

FaceTrackNoIR :
From version v170 on FaceTrackNoIR supports is "modular", so head-trackers, filters and game-protocols can be added easily. The first release of v170 contains three head-trackers, 2 filters and 8 game-protocols. Details of these are in the appropriate sections of this website and/or the wiki on SourceForge . (A bit of patience is appreciated: both sources of information are "under construction" to reflect the changes since v160)

To manipulate the 'raw' headpose-data, FaceTrackNoIR includes a number of functions:
☑ Curves for each Degree Of Freedom, that define how actual head-movement is 'translated' to in-game movement. In v170 the curve-editor was redesigned. Editing curves is now easier and more intuitive;
☑ Smoothing of the Raw signal;
☑ Invert movement (some games interpret +/- differently);

To influence the facetracker while 'in-game', shortkeys and mouse-buttons can be defined to:
☑ Center view;
☑ Stop/Start the tracker;
☑ Disable a defined set of DOF-axis;

☑ INI-files can be used to save these settings 'per game'.

There are also some functions for 'user convenience', which are stored in the Windows Registry:
☑ Auto Minimize time. If this settings is larger than '0', FaceTrackNoIR will minimize the specified number of seconds, after pressing 'Start';
☑ Auto Start Tracker. If this checkbox is ticked, FaceTrackNoIR will start minimized and automatically start tracking. The last INI-file is loaded (as it always is...);

Test [fr]

Commentaires généraux :
Comme le dit si bien TheSkyline35 (voir le 1er lien "t[fr]", FaceTrackNoIR (dont est issu Opentrack) est le TrackIR (propriétaire, payant et chère) du pauvre, mais il semble bien fonctionner (moyennant un réglage initial). Bravo et merci pour son tuto.