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Title: NewSkyDiver Type: Linux Game
Genre: Arcade Status:
Category: Arcade ➤ Dexterity ➤ Misc. Commercial:
Tags: Demo:
Released: 0.97 Package Name:
Date: 2004-04-13 Extern Repo:
License: GPL v2+ Repo:
Perspective: Third person Package:
Visual: 2D Binary:
Pacing: Real Time Source:
Played: Single PDA:
Quality (record): 4 stars Quality (game): 2 stars
Contrib.: Goupil & Louis ID: 12071
Created: 2010-08-20 Updated: 2014-11-11



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Description [fr]

Un jeu d'adresse dont l'objectif est d'atterrir en parachute sur une plateformes en composant avec le vent, par CQFD Corp.
Il utilise le moteur 3D Raydium (30 000 lignes de codes, dans le Bottin).

NewSkyDiver est un remake du jeu éponyme sur ATARI dont l'objectif est d'atterrir en parachute sur une plateformes en composant avec le vent.

Description [en]

New Sky Diver is a clone of an Atari game: Sky Diver (1979 - Atari 2600, Arcade)

The goal is to land on a dedicated platform after a jump from a plane, acording wind and plane speed.
In this version, you can break bones of your player, and slide from platform when your landing is not perfect.
There is no multiplayer support yet (this is planed, if asked by players), but you can play turn-by-turn, and scores are uploaded on this website.

This game is GPL software (binaries are available for Linux and Win32) and is using Raydium 3D Game Engine.
This game is using OpenGL, OpenAL, GLUT, ODE, PHP, Vorbis/OGG, ...
You can use your own ogg playlist (see "playlist.php" file in this distribution).
Oh ! ... There's again some minor known bugs.

Test [fr]

Test (0.95) : une belle réalisation mais nous l'avons trouvé ennuyeux.