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Title: Master of Tactics Type: Linux Game
Genre: Strategy Status:
Category: Strategy ➤ Wargame (on map) ➤ Sci-fi ➤ Space-empire-building Commercial:
Tags: Master of Orion; Strategy; 4X; Diplomacy; Conquest; Exploration; Wargame; On Maps; Space; Sci-fi; Classic Demo:
Released: Latest : 1.22 Package Name:
Date: 2019-04-08 Extern Repo:
License: Free Repo:
Perspective: Third person Package:
Visual: 2D Binary: ✓
Pacing: Turn-Based Source:
Played: Single PDA:
Quality (record): 4 stars Quality (game):
Contrib.: Goupil & Louis ID: 14053
Created: 2013-11-16 Updated: 2020-09-14


[fr]: Un jeu de stratégie et de conquête galactique de type 4X dans la tradition de la trilogie des Master of Orion [en]: A turn based strategy game with all the tactics of civilisation without the work.


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Description [fr]

Un jeu de stratégie et de conquête galactique de type 4X dans la tradition de la trilogie des Master of Orion, par masteroftactics.
En Java.

Master of Tactics est un jeu de stratégie au tour par tour avec toutes les tactiques de la civilisation sans son travail.
Pourquoi passer son temps dans les files d'attentes de constructions, quand vous pouvez vous concentrer sur la stratégie ?

Il dispose d'un système de combat tactique qui donne au jeu une stratégie très élevée avec un arbre de technologie profond. Il met aussi en lumière le micro management ! Master of Tactics est situé dans le futur, juste après la découverte du voyage dans l'espace interstellaire et met l'accent sur la course à l'exploration de la galaxie, la colonisation de nouveaux mondes, et le contrôle des ressources stratégiques de la galaxie.

Description [en]

Master of tactics is a fast moving, action packed turn based space strategy game. It contains the tactical depths of epic games like civilisation without micro management slowing down the game play. Why get tied down with build queues, when you can get busy with strategy?

Classical 4X Strategy
• Dynamic Galaxy Generation
• Tactical Battle System
• No Micro Management
• Custom Craft Design
• Deep Technology Tree


Start a new game by selecting galaxy size, race and difficulty. Games in a small galaxy can be played in a few hours.

☑ Custom Race Design - Over 20 options available
☑ Dynamic Map Generation - No two games are the same
☑ Map Editor [paid version] - Make your own scenarios

Explore your galaxy and colonise new Worlds.

☑ Planets - Colonise as many planets as you can
☑ Strategic Resources - Fight for control of strategic resources
☑ Influence - Control sectors of space
☑ Relics & Prizes - Explore to find bonuses

Solar systems contain planets which are the core of your empire.

☑ Planets - No micro management of a planets development
☑ Build - Crafts, Weapons, Outposts, Space Stations...
☑ Simple - Manage production, ecology and research

Communicate with other players in the game.

☑ Espionage - Steel Technology, Sabotage Planets of Defend
☑ Treaties - War, Peace, Non Aggression, Trade, Alliance...
☑ Trade - Swap Technology, Planets or Money

Design your own custom craft from hundreds of different technologies. Imagine strategies even the designer did not think of!

☑ Custom Craft Design - Hundreds of technologies
☑ Attack Types - Weapons are NOT all the same
☑ Invent - Craft design is Strategy Central here

Attack (or be attacked) other players, ancients or monsters in the galaxy. Watch how you craft designs actually work.

☑ Tactical Battles - Enjoy your battles or press Complete
☑ Complex - Outcome depends on opposing strategies
☑ Damage - Physical, Engine, Psi, Shield, Crew...