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Mad Bomber


Title: Mad Bomber Type: Linux Game
Genre: Arcade Status:
Category: Arcade ➤ Dexterity Commercial:
Tags: Arcade - Autres Demo:
Released: 0.2.5 Package Name: madbomber
Date: 2009-10-06 Extern Repo:
License: GPL v2 Repo: Debian
Perspective: Third person Package: ✓
Visual: 2D Binary: ✓
Pacing: Source: ✓
Played: Single & Multi PDA: ✓
Quality (record): 5 stars Quality (game): 4 stars
Contrib.: Goupil & Louis ID: 11838
Created: 2010-08-20 Updated: 2014-11-10


[fr]: Un clone du jeu Kaboom! [en]: The Mad Bomber is loose in the city and he's dropping bombs everywhere! It's your job to catch them before they hit the ground and explode



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Description [fr]

Un clone du jeu Kaboom! (sur console Atari 2600), par la Mad Bomber Team.

Mad Bomber est un clone du jeu Kaboom!
Un bandit est en cavale dans la ville et il lâche des bombes partout !
Votre job est de les attraper avant qu'elles ne heurtent le sol et n'explosent.
Heureusement vous disposez de paniers pour les attraper !

Mad Bomber Team :
Bill Kendrick (New Breed Software)
Mikko Vartiainen,
Thomas Borris,
Kelly Samel,
Stefan Nordlander,
Lawrence ('uprising'),
Torsten Giebl.

Description [en]

The Mad Bomber is loose in the city and he's dropping bombs everywhere! It's your job to catch them before they hit the ground and explode. Luckily, you have a set of trusty buckets to extinguish them with.

Mad Bomber is a clone of the excellent 1981 Atari 2600 video game "Kaboom!" by Larry Kaplan of Activision. (Kaboom! was originally going to be an Atari-produced 2600 port of their 1978 arcade game, "Avalanche.")

Play in the Air
In August 2007, Mad Bomber was one of first the games included in 'Red', the touchscreen-and-controller-based in-flight entertainment system found in Virgin America Airlines planes!


☑ multiplateforme, incluant les PDA,
☑ contrôle à la souris ou au clavier,
☑ mode un ou deux joueurs, incluant deux joueurs l'un contre l'autre,
☑ support des modes plein écran et fenêtré, en 640x480,
☑ support optionnel du son en stéréo avec réglage du volume dans les options,
☑ fond graphique modifiable,
☑ handicap (taille des paniers réduite de moitié) réglable pour 1 ou 2 joueurs,
☑ sauvegarde des scores et options, ...

☑ Runs on a variety of platforms, including PDAs!
☑ Controlled with mouse or keyboard.
☑ One- and two-player modes, including two-player versus.
☑ On desktop systems, Mad Bomber can be run in a window or fullscreen, in 640x480 resolution.
☑ Mad Bomber optionally supports stereo sound, and includes music. Volume settings can be changed in the options screen.
☑ You can choose to play either with an attractive photo-realistic background, or with a plain (zen) Kaboom!-style background.
☑ A handicap can be set for either or both player, reducing the width of their bucket to half-size.
☑ High score and options are saved.

Installation [fr]


En console lancez : $ madbomber

OPTIONS DE LANCEMENT (extrait du fichier README.txt) :
The program accepts some options:

--disable-sound - If sound support was compiled in, this will
disable it for this session of the game.

--fullscreen - Run in fullscreen mode.
(Note: Under Linux, if this doesn't work,
you will need to run the game as root.)

--help - Display a help message summarizing command-line
options, copyright, and game controls.

--usage - Display a brief message summarizing command-line

A screen will appear stating that the game is loading. A meter shows
the progress as it loads.

TOUCHES / CONTROLS (extrait du fichier README.txt) :
[ LEFT ARROW KEY ] -- Move the bucket left.
[ RIGHT ARROW KEY ] -- Move the bucket right.
[ MOUSE MOTION ] -- Move the bucket (follows mouse pointer).
[ SPACE ] -- Fire.
[ ENTER / RETURN ] / [ MOUSE CLICK ] (Cause the Mad Bomber to drop bombs.)
[ TAB ] / [ P ] -- Pause / unpause.
[ ESCAPE ] -- Quit the game, return to the title menu.
[ 1 ] -- Move Mad Bomber left, quickly.
[ 2 ] -- Move Mad Bomber left, slowly.
[ 3 ] -- Move Mad Bomber right, slowly.
[ 4 ] -- Move Mad Bomber right, quickly.

Test [fr]

Test (0.2.5) :
Une réalisation correcte, un gameplay de quelques minutes au mieux.