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[fr]: Un moteur de jeux rapide et flexible permettant de concevoir toutes sortes de jeux 3D [en]: A fast & flexible game engine with a visual editor


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Description [fr]

Un moteur de jeux rapide et flexible permettant de concevoir toutes sortes de jeux 3D, par le studio Leadwerks Software.

Leadwerks est un outil graphique permettant de concevoir toutes sortes de jeux 3D, incluant des dungeon crawlers, des FPS et des jeux à défilement.

L'outil offre :
• un éditeur graphique complet (en Gtk), permettant de maîtriser tous les aspects du processus de développement de jeux
• un ensemble de bibliothèques logicielles
• des graphismes AAA natifs sous Linux (deferred lighting, hardware tessellation, 32x multisample antialiasing)
• une intégration à Steam (Steam workshop donnant accès à une grande bibliothèque d'éléments de jeux, export)

Description [en]

Leadwerks is a fast & flexible game engine with a visual editor.
Now available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Built on the Industry Standard.
The power of C++. The flexibility of Lua.
With its superior performance and flexibility, it’s no wonder the game industry is built on C++. Together with Lua, the game industry's favorite script language, you've got a weapon for every occasion.

Rapid Iteration.
Build, Play, Repeat...Faster.
Game development is a process of iteration. By reducing the time it takes to import assets, build levels, and code behavior, Leadwerks makes game development fast.

Built-in Level Design Tools.
Everything you need, all in one place.
Build game levels from scratch right in our editor with constructive solid geometry. No extra tools are required.

Visual Scripting.
Connectable gameplay you can see.
Link objects in your game level to make opening doors, triggered events, and game interactions. Imagination is required, but programming is optional.


☑ C++ Programming
Programming with Leadwerks is a breeze. Underneath our visual editor lies a powerful yet easy to use programming API that can be accessed in C++, Lua, and other languages. With documentation and examples for every single command, you’ve got everything you need to make any kind of game.

☑ Visual Scripting
For scripting, we use the Lua script language, just like in Crysis, World of Warcraft, and hundreds of other games. We’ve got a built-in script editor, so you don’t have to switch back and forth between Leadwerks and an external editor. It’s even got a built-in debugger so you can step through your script and see everything that’s going on in the game. The flowgraph editor is used to connect scripted objects and make gameplay happen. This lets map designers set up sequences of events and complex gameplay, with no programming required.

☑ Constructive Solid Geometry
Finally, we use a level editor based on constructive solid geometry. This lets everyone make game levels, without having to be an expert. If you’re familiar with Valve’s Hammer Editor, you’ll feel right at home in Leadwerks.
We plan to deliver a visual editor that handles every aspect of the game development process, a powerful yet easy to use programming API, with triple-A graphics, all running natively in Linux. By working with Steam and the Linux community, our goal is to make Linux the number one platform for PC gaming. Thank you for helping us take Linux gaming to the next level.

☯ Editor

☑ Automatic asset management reloads models and textures when they are modified from another application.
☑ Drag and drop import of FBX, DDS, BMP, JPG, PNG, TGA, and PSD files.
☑ Visual interface controls every aspect of the art pipeline.
☑ Constructive solid geometry modeling tools.
☑ Brush primitives include box, wedge, cylinder, sphere, arch, tube, and torus.
☑ Automatic UV mapping.
☑ Brush smooth groups.
☑ Built-in lightmapper with light vector maps.
☑ Built-in shader editor with instant visualization and error display.
☑ Launch your game and debug the Lua virtual machine, for both Lua and C++ games.
☑ Native user interface on each supported platform.

☯ Programming

☑ API design with an object-oriented command set lets you code any game.
☑ Project manager automatically generates project files for Visual Studio, Xcode, and Eclipse.
☑ Code once, run anywhere.
☑ C++ and Lua work together in one application.

☯ Script

☑ Built-in script editor with debugger, code stepping, and syntax highlighting.
☑ Visual flowgraph lets you connect objects to control game interactions.
☑ Direct programming gives you control over your game's loop and program structure.
☑ Entity scripts provide a per-object hook interface.
☑ Script variables are exposed in the editor interface and reloaded in real-time.
☑ Console executes script commands in real-time.

☯ AI

☑ Dynamic navmesh pathfinding. Navigation paths automatically recalculate when the scene changes.
☑ Navigation areas are displayed in the editor in real-time as you build your game level.
☑ Character controller movement seamlessly integrated with physics and pathfinding systems.
☑ Set entities to automatically chase another object.

☯ Graphics

☑ Dynamic projected shadows.
☑ Full vertex and pixel shaders, on PC and mobile.
☑ Normal mapping with specular reflection, with dynamic or lightmapped lighting.
☑ Light vector maps allow fast and accurate normal mapping on lightmapped surfaces.
☑ Real-time mesh modification.
☑ Fast skinned animation.
☑ Blend and transition animation sequences.
☑ Extract animation sequences in the editor.

☯ Particles

☑ Real-time particle editor with instant visualization.
☑ Emission volumes include box, sphere, cylinder, tube, and cone.
☑ Adjustable curve graph for alpha and scale.
☑ Particle animation sheets with adjustable frame counts and layout.
☑ Velocity-based rotation for directional particles like sparks.

☯ Physics

☑ Fast and accurate rigid body physics.
☑ Constraints including hinge, ball, and sliding joints.
☑ Automatic physics shape calculation.
☑ Generate physics shapes in the editor from models or brushes.
☑ Swept collision.
☑ Raycasting with lines or spheres.

☯ Sound

☑ 3D sound spatialization.
☑ Emit a sound from any entity.
☑ Automatic channel management frees up unneeded channels.
☑ Skip to any time in sound.

Test [fr]

Commentaires généraux :
Le studio est parvenu à lever les fonds nécessaire sur le site Kickstarter, son développement est en cours.

Kickstarter est un site de sponsoring de projets permettant - en ce qui concerne les jeux, aux joueurs et aux développeurs de financer le développement de jeux sans le carcan des maisons d'édition. Les studios obtiennent le pré-financement de leur production, les joueurs bénéficient d'avantages proportionnels au montant de leur participation (tarif avantageux, personnalisations, ...) sans garantie de résultat.

Date de sortie :
Financement bouclé fin Juillet 2013 (42K$ sur Kickstarter).
Sur Kickstarter nous pouvons lire "Estimated Delivery: Oct 2013".

Leadwerks est un outil existant, l'opération Kickstarter concerne sa version 3.1 : le portage de cet outil sous Linux et l'ajout de fonctionnalités.