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Title: KildClient Type: Tool
Genre: Adventure & Action Status:
Category: Adventure & Action ➤ MUD ➤ Engine Commercial:
Tags: Demo:
Released: 2.11.1 Package Name: kildclient
Date: 2011-07-09 Extern Repo:
License: GPL v2+ Repo: Debian
Perspective: Third person Package: ✓
Visual: Text Binary: ✓
Pacing: Real Time with Pause Source: ✓
Played: Single PDA:
Quality (record): 4 stars Quality (game):
Contrib.: Goupil & Louis ID: 11632
Created: 2011-12-19 Updated: 2016-04-24



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Description [fr]

Un client MUD.

KildClient est un client MUD, une interface permettant de jouer à des jeux de rôles non graphiques en ligne.
L'un de ses atouts principaux réside dans le support des scripts Perl. D'autres fonctionnalités standards sont également supportées (voir ci-après).

Un certain nombre de plugins sont disponibles sur le site et sur Sourceforge (lien "Dev site").


Here are some of KildClient's features:

☑ Support for Perl scripting. Perl statements can be executed by entering them prefixed with "/", or functions can be defined and called.
☑ Several worlds can be opened simultaneously.
☑ Easy switching between worlds with the tabs or Perl functions.
☑ New text notification.
☑ Plugins to extend the basic functionality.
☑ Extensive ANSI support, several attributes such as italics, underline, reverse video, etc. are displayed
☑ vt100's line drawing mode supported for displaying nice tables.
☑ Supports a 256-color mode (the same used by xterm).
☑ SOCKS4/5 proxy support.
☑ Triggers and gags, using regular expressions for matching.
☑ Triggers can change the color and/or style of the line that matched (highlighting).
☑ Aliases, allowing you to substitute what you type with some other text.
☑ Macros for sending text or executing commands with a single keypress.
☑ Timers for repeated execution of commands.
☑ Hooks for executing actions when some events happen.
☑ Graphical Interfaces for adding triggers, aliases, etc. easily.
☑ The input bar can be enlarged to display several lines if there is need to send very long lines.
☑ Support auto-login, and a World can have several characters associated to it, sharing the same settings.
☑ Hability to display the time at which each line was received.
☑ Support for logging the output to a file, including optionally a timestamp.
☑ A function to send multiple lines of text and/or the contents of a file to the world.
☑ Speed-walking feature to ease walking around.
☑ Associate notes with a world (with the use an included plugin)
☑ Search the buffer for a string.
☑ Spell checker for the text you type.
☑ Direct chat with other users of KildClient or of other clients compatible with the MudMaster or zChat protocols.
☑ Supports MCCP (Mud Client Compression Protocol) versions 1 and 2, to compress data sent from the server and thus reduce bandwidth.
☑ Supports connection securely with SSL to hosts tht support it.