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Title: JamochaMUD Type: Tool
Genre: Adventure & Action Status:
Category: Adventure & Action ➤ MUD ➤ Engine Commercial:
Tags: Demo:
Released: 4.9 Package Name:
Date: 2012-03-10 Extern Repo:
License: GPL v2+ Deb Repo:
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Graphic: Text Binary: ✓
Mechanics: Real Time with Pause Source: ✓
Played: Single PDA:
Quality (record): 4 stars Quality (game):
Contrib.: Goupil & Louis ID: 11520
Created: 2011-08-17 Updated: 2016-04-24



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Description [fr]

Un client MUD, une interface permettant de jouer à des jeux de rôles non graphiques en ligne.
En Java.

Il fonctionne via Java Webstart (recommandé par l'auteur) ou via un client Java.


☑ Secure Socket connections (SSL),
☑ JamochaMUD can handle Multiple MU* connections simultaneously,
☑ Support for both terminated and unterminated lines (common on many MU*s),
☑ ANSI Colour support,
☑ Multi-language support (languages that are not supported currently can easily be added by folks that needn't even know how to program),
☑ Unicode support which allows the display of double-byte languages and Non-western language font support, such as Russian cyrillic characters,
☑ Support for JamochaMUD plugins that extend the features of the basic MU* client,
☑ Socks5 support (perhaps limited, but it does work!),
☑ Programmable macros and definitions,
☑ Automatic and manual log-files,
☑ Quick reconnect to a MU* that you had just left,
☑ Changing font size, type, and (base) colour,
☑ Changeable background colour,
☑ Ability to choose between a "low colour" and "high colour" output palette,
☑ Custom output colours,
☑ Assign external programs to deal with special features, such as URLs,
☑ Socks5 support,
☑ Manage plugins independently of each other,
☑ Autofocus input (automagically sends typing to the text-input window if another frame of JamochaMUD is currently in focus),
☑ Smooth display turned "double-buffering" of the MU* output area on or off. With double-buffering the redraw of the area is smoother, but slower. With double-buffering off, the refresh appears faster, but flickers more. (A personal taste thing!),
☑ The option to enable Tiny-fugue emulation. This enables JamochaMUD to emulate some of TF's "editor" keyboard controls,
☑ Certain MU*s may replace JMUD's title with your current location,
☑ Gags and triggers allowing highlighting/dumping of text as well as audio hints,
☑ Multiple simulataneous connections to MU*s,
☑ User-defined length for command history,
☑ User choice of aliased or anti-aliased fonts,
☑ Back-up settings to and restore settings from a file,
☑ Check-as-you-type spell checking for text entry,
☑ Puppet/Zombie output can be sent to a separate window, acting like a separate MU* session,

Installation [fr]

Le client Java peut être téléchargé via Sourceforge (lien "Other 1").