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Title: JSSpeccy Type: Tool
Genre: Emulation Status:
Category: Emulator ➤ Engine ➤ Sinclair Commercial:
Tags: Demo:
Released: Latest : 2.2.1 / Dev : 0c6041c92f Package Name:
Date: 2014-01-16 Extern Repo:
License: GPL v3 Deb Repo:
View: Third & First person Package:
Graphic: 2D & 3D Binary: ✓
Mechanics: Real Time Source: ✓
Played: Single & Multi PDA:
Quality (record): 5 stars Quality (game): 5 stars
Contrib.: Goupil & Louis ID: 11573
Created: 2012-09-22 Updated: 2014-11-27


[fr]: Un émulateur de console ZX Spectrum de Sinclair, à jouer à l'aide de votre navigateur internet [en]: A ZX Spectrum emulator in pure JavaScript



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Description [fr]

Un émulateur de console ZX Spectrum de Sinclair, à jouer à l'aide de votre navigateur internet, par Matt Westcott.
En Javascript. Supporte Chrome, Firefox & Safari.

JSSpeccy est un émulateur de console ZX Spectrum de Sinclair en Javascript, à jouer à l'aide de votre navigateur internet, vous permettant de jouer en ligne directement depuis son interface (un certain nombre de jeux sont disponibles sur sa page) ou avec des ROMS téléchargées sur internet.

Consoles émulées (avec doc Bottin) :
Sinclair ZX Spectrum,

Ressources : voir la fiche "Ressources - Emulation (Nom de la console émulée)".
Attention : le téléchargement de ROMS commerciales est illégal à moins de les avoir acquises financièrement.

Description [en]

This is a (mostly) accurate recreation of the 48K and 128K Spectrums.

JSSpeccy: A ZX Spectrum emulator in pure JavaScript.
When I started this project in 2009, writing an emulator in JavaScript was a silly idea. Now, thanks to advances in JavaScript engines, and new APIs emerging from HTML5 and WebGL, it has become a significantly less silly idea, which means that the time is right for a more serious attempt at the job.


What's new?
Everything, basically... it's a ground-up rewrite. In particular:

• Z80 core uses typed arrays[0] where appropriate, for a healthy performance boost (and significantly less faffing around with '& 0xff' everywhere to get around the lack of strong typing in JavaScript)
• More JavaScript-ish architecture - the Z80 instruction set is built up through copious use of closures, rather than borrowing Fuse's Perl generator script wholesale. (It's still heavily based on Fuse's Z80 core though.)
• 128K support!
• 99% accurate display emulation, for multicolour effects and the like
⚬ TZX file support (only via tape traps; custom loaders won't work)
⚬ Integration with the World Of Spectrum API, for instant loading of thousands of software titles

Features currently unsupported are:
☐ Sound
☐ Custom tape loaders
☐ Some particularly complex multicolour tricks

Test [fr]

Test en ligne (2.2.1) :
Quelques plantages, c'est parfois un peu lent, mais globalement il fonctionne bien.
Bravo et merci à son auteur !