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Title: God of Change Type: Linux Game
Genre: Adventure & Action Status:
Category: Adventure & Action ➤ Role-playing game ➤ RPG ➤ Misc. Commercial:
Tags: Demo:
Released: 1.0 Package Name:
Date: 2011-03-12 Extern Repo:
License: New BSD Deb Repo:
View: Third person Package:
Graphic: Text Binary:
Mechanics: Turn-Based Source: ✓
Played: Single PDA:
Quality (record): 4 stars Quality (game):
Contrib.: Goupil & Louis ID: 13745
Created: 2013-08-03 Updated: 2020-02-01



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Description [fr]

Un RPG dans lequel les monstres gagnent en capacité au fil du temps, par Adam Gatt.
Il utilise libtcod (dans le Bottin).

God of Change est un jeu où les monstres gagnent en capacité au fil du temps. Ce qui pourrait être de prime abord une espèce de monstre ennuyeux pourraient finir par acquérir la capacité à jeter la foudre, ou être résistant aux dommages voir être plus agressif, ou encore obtenir des bonus en étant entouré de ses accolytes.
Vous devez trouver le portail pour terminer chaque sous-terrain, mais méfiez-vous : passez trop de temps et les monstres pourrons muter et échapper à votre contrôle. Pourtant, si vous faites trop vite vous pourrez manquer des objets et des armes qui vous feront cruellement défaut pour rester en vie.
Dans le cinquième donjon vous attend un combat contre un boss qui nécessitera toutes vos compétences et vos ressources.
Avez-vous ce qu'il faut pour rester stable quand rien autour de toi ne reste le même ?
Il a été conçu à l'occasion et a été classé 4ème ex aequo au 7DRL Contest 2011.


"You have come to your death, adventurer!", announces a booming voice in your head. "Remember those Kobolds you encountered earlier? You better hope you don't meet any more of those, because I've decided they should breathe fire now! Oh, and they leave trails of corrosive acid as well. Also, I've given them a hive mind, why not? Have fun, adventurer!"

The God of Change. He goes by many names; The Wheel of Fortune, Lady Luck, The Fickle Hand of Fate. Worshipped by some and despised by others, he is responsible for all the unpredictable things that have happened in your life, good as well as bad. But sometimes the bad outweighs the good by so much that you can't stand it, and you want to take revenge. Others have cursed the God of Change but were unable to take any real action, but you are different. Because you know about the dungeon that holds his Inner Sanctum, and inside it is the nexus of the God of Change, through which he channels all of his power.

Already a mighty adventurer and accomplished wizard, you took up your sword and leather armour, and began the long journey. Now that you have arrived, you find that the dungeons are full of wild monsters, but also powerful weapons and artifacts that will help you in your task. But this task won't be easy. The God of Change knows why you have come, and he is focused on stopping you, and now you won't be able to take


☑ Monsters that evolve over time to develop new capabilites such as Fire-breathing, Undead, Web-spinning or Hive Mind
☑ An antagonistic God of Change that taunts you, makes monsters more dangerous with each new ability, and physically changes the map around you
☑ Well-defined behaviours for each monster that influence how they interact with you and each other
☑ Randomly generated, twisting dungeons with branching paths
☑ Fully implemented pathfinding and Field of Vision algorithms that allow creatures to overpower you with their intelligence, using abilities such as Telepathy, Stealthy or Teleporting
☑ A challenging and overwhelming boss fight. Will you be able to get to grips with this confusing enemy?
☑ Weapons, armour and magic items that allow the player to survive in an unstable and ever-changing world