Generic White dog vs. the RedBaron - Le Bottin des Jeux Linux

Generic White dog vs. the RedBaron


Title: Generic White dog vs. the RedBaron Type: Linux Game
Genre: Arcade Status:
Category: Arcade ➤ Shooter ➤ Air ➤ Misc. Commercial:
Tags: Demo:
Released: 1.0.11 Package Name:
Date: Extern Repo:
License: Deb Repo:
View: Third person Package:
Graphic: 2D Binary:
Mechanics: Real Time Source: ✓
Played: Single PDA:
Quality (record): 3 stars Quality (game):
Contrib.: Goupil & Louis ID: 11199
Created: 2010-08-20 Updated: 2015-01-11





Description [fr]

Aidez Snoopy à lutter contre le baron rouge.

Installation [fr]

avant de lutter contre le baron rouge, vous devrez certainement lutter avec son source à compiler :)) ... chez nous ça se termine par : "(...) FeeImageList.cpp:148: undefined reference to `sge_GetPixel(SDL_Surface*, short, short) collect2: ld returned 1 exit status make[1]: *** [SDLtest] Erreur 1"

Test [fr]

Test (1.0.11) : Pas glop :(