Funky Cars - Le Bottin des Jeux Linux

Funky Cars


Title: Funky Cars Type: Linux Game
Genre: Sport Status:
Category: Sport ➤ Motorsport ➤ Arcade ➤ Miniature Toy Car Commercial:
Tags: Sports; Motorsport; Arcade; Racing; Cars; Miniature Toy Car Demo:
Released: 0.4 Package Name:
Date: Extern Repo:
License: Deb Repo:
View: Third person Package:
Graphic: 3D Binary:
Mechanics: Source:
Played: PDA:
Quality (record): 3 stars Quality (game):
Contrib.: Goupil & Louis ID: 11120
Created: 2010-08-20 Updated: 2020-02-18



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Description [fr]

Une course de petites voitures en 3D OpenGL.

Description [en]

Welcome to Funky Cars! This site is about an arcade car game.
Enjoy driving around with your car, bumping everywhere! (todo:need a better catch-phrase :P)
This site was put up in about 5 minutes, so forgive me if it's quite crude :P