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Tags: Management; Simulation; Train Sim; Strategy; Sandbox; Economy Demo:
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Date: 2007-06-04 Extern Repo:
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Mechanics: Real Time Source: ✓
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Created: 2010-08-20 Updated: 2016-08-18


[fr]: Une simulation ferroviaire open source inspiré de Atrain [en]: A rail and business simulation inspired by the A-Train series of games


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Description [fr]

Une simulation ferroviaire open source inspiré de Atrain, par Kohsuke Kawaguchi.
En Mono.

Freetrain est une simulation ferroviaire open source inspiré de Atrain.

Description [en]

A rail and business simulation inspired by the A-Train series of games.

FreeTrain is a game by Kohsuke Kawaguchi, written in C# using Microsoft’s .NET platform. It is inspired by the A-Train series of games which focuses on a combination of train and business simulation.

FreeTrain is the quintessential sandbox game. First of all, you start in a literal sandbox: a flat barren piece of land greets you when starting a new game. After that, it’s completely up to you to create your world, including natural features such as mountains or lakes.

As the name of game implies, FreeTrain is all about trains. It could in some aspects be likened to those model railways you uncle keeps in the attic. Other modes of transport can and have been implemented through plugins. Nevertheless, trains remain at the core of the game.

While the business aspect of FreeTrain is well developed, it is unlike other superficially similar games completely non-competitive. You are the lone master of your world with no rivals to worry about. And even if you manage to go bankrupt, it doesn’t mean the end of the game.

Another aspect of FreeTrain is that it is a Japanese game. The graphics of the game depicts a Japanese scenery with paddy fields, Japanese cedar, and even Osaka Castle. The currency is the yen and you’ll be dealing with fictional Japanese companies such as Itsubishi or Toyoto.

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Commentaires généraux :
Le jeu paraissait très prometteur. En Juin 2008 Il semblait avoir fait des avancées significatives sous Linux puisqu'une version en CVS fonctionnait à priori (utilisant les bibliothèques Mono & SDL) mais n'était pas encore disponible au téléchargement en HTTP.

Aujourd'hui le projet semble abandonné. Dans l'attente d'un éventuel test, nous enlevons son statut Linux Games.
Dommage, le projet semblait prometteur.