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Title: Freecycle Type: Tool
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Released: Package Name: freecycle
Date: 2007-12-10 Extern Repo:
License: GPL v2+ Deb Repo: Debian
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Contrib.: Goupil & Louis ID: 14350
Created: 2014-06-24 Updated: 2015-02-22


[fr]: Un découpeur de rythmes (permettant de mettre au point de petits échantillons sonores) [en]: A beat slicer


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Description [fr]

Un découpeur de rythmes (permettant de mettre au point de petits échantillons sonores), par la Freecycle Team.

Freecycle est un découpeur de rythmes (permettant de mettre au point de petits échantillons sonores) fonctionnant sur la plateforme GNU / Linux en utilisant la boîte à outils QT, fournissant des zones de correspondance rythmiques d'amplitude et de fréquence / des algorithmes de zero crossing (même niveau).

Il exporte des extraits de morceaux audios et génère un fichier MIDI qui peut être utilisé pour jouer de petits extraits en boucles, ou après avoir réalisé vos échantillons vous pouvez jouer avec à l'aide d'un clavier MIDI ou d'un séquenceur. 

Freecycle exporte également des fichiers au format AKAI S5000/S6000/Z4/Z8 .AKP, vous permettant de les exploiter avec votre échantillonneur préféré, ou via des fichiers de fontes sonores (SoundFont), et il prend en charge la découpe par glisser-déposer.

Il peut aussi traiter une entrée audio en utilisant des effets via un plugin LADSPA, ainsi que d'appliquer des enveloppes pour séparer des échantillons.

Description [en]

Freecycle is a beat slicer running on GNU/Linux platform using the QT toolkit, providing amplitude domain and frequency domain beat matching / zero crossing algorithms.

It exports sliced audio chunks and generates a MIDI file which can be used to play the sliced loop, or you can jam with it as soon as you’ve made slices using a midi keyboard or sequencer.Freecycle main screen

Freecycle also exports AKAI S5000/S6000/Z4/Z8 .AKP files to be used with your favorite sampler, SoundFont files, and supports slice drag and drop to/from or inside Freecycle.

It can process the audio inline using LADSPA effects, as well as apply envelopes to separate slices.


☑ Beatmatching algorithms

• Freecycle
⚬ Amplitude domain
⚬ Frequency domain
• Aubio
⚬ Complex domain
⚬ Phase based
⚬ Spectral difference
⚬ High frequency content
⚬ Modified Kullback Liebler
⚬ Weighted Kullback Liebler

☑ Audio output

• OSS (Threaded)
• ALSA (Threaded)
• Portaudio (Callback)
• Jack (Callback)
• Automatic detection of the sound layer and connection to JACK ports

☑ Midi input

• Portmidi (Threaded)
• ALSA Sequencer (Threaded)
• Runtime, on the fly, MIDI devices detection

☑ Export options

• Wave
• Midi file
⚬ Auto-assignement of missing notes to locked beatlines
• Akai AKP file with sound slices assigned to MIDI notes
⚬ 16bit, 24bit, even 32bit floating point (future AKAI ?)
• Separated audio slices
• SoundFont2 with separated slices assigned to MIDI notes

☑ Amplitude Envelope

• Applied between two locked beatlines
• Non destructive envelope editing
• Five stages non linear (Bézier) envelope
⚬ Attack (Bézier)
⚬ Hold (Linear)
⚬ Decay (Bézier)
⚬ Sustain (Linear)
⚬ Release (Bézier)
• Envelope duration period controller
• Envelope precision controller (TODO)
• Three end modes for the envelope
⚬ end: After the duration period the envelope is desactivated
⚬ cont: After the duration period the amplitude is maintaned at release (0) or sustain level
⚬ next: The sustain level is maintained until before the next locked beatline, then release gets applied


• Fully integrated LADSPA
• Non destructive LADSPA editing
• Four possible input sources per LADSPA audio input
⚬ From Left channel
⚬ From Right channel
⚬ From Left + Right
⚬ 0 (outputs 0 to LADSPA plugin)
• Four possible output sources from LADSPA audio output
⚬ To Left channel
⚬ To Right channel
⚬ To both channels
⚬ To null (The output from LADSPA is voided)
• Double plugin mode (Usefull for mono plugins when applied to stereo signal)
• Full LADSPA input control ports automation with four edit modes
⚬ point by point
⚬ Line
⚬ Polyline
⚬ Bézier spline
• Hardcoded LADSPA control resolution (evaluated every 1024 frames)

☑ Drag ‘n drop

• Inside Freecycle
• From Freecycle to any Qt drag’n drop enabled application
⚬ Konqueror, Konsole, … (saves the audio file)
⚬ Muse (drops the audio slice)
⚬ Rosegarden (drops the audio slice)
⚬ Freecycle (drops the audio slice between two locked beatlines)
• To Freecycle from any Qt drag ‘n drop enabled application
⚬ Konqueror (imports the wave between two locked beatlines)
⚬ Freecycle (drops the audio slice between two locked beatlines)
• Non destructive, stacked, audio slice drop with the ability to switch between different stacked slices

☑ Scene management

• 8 scene slots with assignable stacked slices
• Switching between scenes switches the stacked audio slices

☑ Spectrogram plotting

• High precision spectrogram output
• Adjustable FFT parameters (Frequency and time domain)
• Rectangular, Hanning and Gauss windows
• Zero or signal padding
• Adjustable lower and upper frequency plot
• Bark scale (24 critical bands of hearing)


• Intuitive, user and mouse friendly graphical user interface
• Comprehensive, human readable, xml based project saving
⚬ Saves waves,envelope information, stack and scene information, LADSPA automation, locked beatlines and assigned midi notes
• Internal 32bit audio processing
• Open source, GPLed and absolutely FREE application