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Dirk Dashing 1: Secret Agent


Title: Dirk Dashing 1: Secret Agent Type: Linux Game
Genre: Arcade Status:
Category: Arcade ➤ Platformer ➤ Misc. Commercial: ✓
Tags: Arcade - plateformes - Autres; Puzzle - Education & Enfants - Jeux Demo: ✓
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License: Commercial Deb Repo:
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Graphic: 2.5D Binary: ✓
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Quality (record): 5 stars Quality (game):
Contrib.: Goupil & Louis ID: 10808
Created: 2010-08-20 Updated: 2015-01-09


[fr]: Un jeu de plateformes et de résolution d'énigmes [en]: International jewel thief, Pique Pockette, has stolen the seven largest diamonds in the world. As Dirk Dashing, a top agent for G.O.O.D., you must recover them


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Description [fr]

Un jeu de plateformes et de résolution d'énigmes, par le studio My Game Company.

Dirk Dashing est l'agent secret n°1 d'une organisation gouvernementale appelée GOOD (pour Government Operatives On Duty) dont la mission est de protéger le monde des terroristes et des super méchants mégalomanes.
Ses missions le conduise dans de nombreuses régions exotiques où il doit faire face à de dangereux ennemis, éviter des pièges et résoudre toutes sortes d'énigmes pour sauver le monde.

Au programme : un jeu au style cartoon comportant de nombreux personnages, pas de sang, pas de scènes gores ni de violence gratuite, Dirk n'utilise que des armes non létales.
De très grands niveaux à explorer comportant des passages secrets et des trésors cachés.

Description [en]

Dirk Dashing: Secret Agent!

Special Edition

International jewel thief, Pique Pockette, has stolen the seven largest diamonds in the world. As Dirk Dashing, a top agent for G.O.O.D., you must recover them. Pique's trail leads you into the Bavarian Alps of southern Germany, where you must battle enemy E.V.I.L. agents who are also searching for the diamonds, avoid traps and icy hazards, and solve baffling puzzles in order to save the day!


☑ 30 énormes niveaux à explorer, incluant 3 niveaux secrets,
☑ un système de scrolling parallèles comportant jusqu'à 16 couches pour un look 3D passionnant !
☑ des accessoires/gadgets d'espions très cool pour vous aider à compléter vos missions,
☑ support du clavier, joystick et joypad, ...

☑ Interactive Cartoon Antics
You can trick enemies into running off ledges, into walls, into each other, and more - just like the gags you see in classic TV cartoons!

☑ Huge Levels to Explore
Play through 38 levels, including 3 secret levels, all packed with hidden areas and secret treasures. You'll enjoy many hours playing and replaying the game to find all its secrets!

☑ Absolutely Safe for Kids
No blood, no gore, no fist fights, no gratuitous violence of any kind - Dirk uses knockout gas and other non-lethal means to defeat his enemies!

☑ Hand-painted Artwork
Enjoy scenery that was painted by hand with a combination of acrylic and watercolor paints, and characters that were hand-drawn in a traditional cartoon animation style!
☑ Multiple Skill Levels
3 different skill levels accommodate players of all ages and experience. Each skill level also provides a unique set of obstacles and challenges, which adds to the game's replay value!

☑ Save Anywhere, Anytime
Save your game progress at any point during a level or between levels!