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Title: DiabloRL Type: Linux Game
Genre: Adventure & Action Status:
Category: Adventure & Action ➤ Role-playing game ➤ RPG ➤ Misc. Commercial:
Tags: Diablo Demo:
Released: 0.4.5 Package Name:
Date: 2010-11-24 Extern Repo:
License: GPL v3 Deb Repo:
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Graphic: Text Binary: ✓
Mechanics: Turn-Based Source: ✓
Played: Single PDA:
Quality (record): 5 stars Quality (game):
Contrib.: Goupil & Louis ID: 10795
Created: 2011-05-30 Updated: 2020-02-01


[fr]: Un RPG inspiré de Diablo [en]: A roguelike "unmake" of the popular Blizzard game Diablo


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Description [fr]

Un RPG inspiré de Diablo (de Blizzard), par Kornel Kisielewicz, Chris Johnson & Mel'nikova Anastasia.

DiabloRL (pour Diablo, the Roguelike) est un roguelike inspiré de Diablo.
Sa version initiale a été conçue à l'occasion du concours 7DRL.

"En dépit de leurs apparences, de nombreux roguelikes sont très addictifs et amusants à jouer.
Leur graphisme simple peut masquer des mondes à la complexité rarement atteinte dans d'autres jeux".
L'équipe du projet MAngband.

Description [en]

DiabloRL is a roguelike "unmake" of the popular Blizzard game Diablo. Originaly created for the 7 Day Roguelike Competition.

Take heed and bear witness to the truths that lie herein, for they are the story of DiabloRL!
This game was created in 7, yes SEVEN days. I used the new Valkyrie library that I created for GenRogue, and it realy proved capable of quickly creating a roguelike. The code is just 142KB of FreePascal code, not including the Valkyrie library.