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Title: Dgen Type: Tool
Genre: Emulation Status:
Category: Emulator ➤ Engine ➤ SEGA Commercial:
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Released: Latest : 1.32 / Dev : 8b6b10 Package Name: dgen
Date: 2013-11-02 Extern Repo:
License: BSD Deb Repo: Debian
View: Third & First person Package: ✓
Graphic: 2D & 3D Binary: ✓
Mechanics: Real Time Source: ✓
Played: Single & Multi PDA: ✓
Quality (record): 5 stars Quality (game): 5 stars
Contrib.: Goupil & Louis ID: 10793
Created: 2010-08-20 Updated: 2020-06-07


[fr]: Un émulateur de console de jeux Sega Genesis/Mega Drive [en]: A free, open source emulator for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive systems


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Description [fr]

Un émulateur de console de jeux SEGA Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, par la Dgen Team.

Dgen est un émulateur de console de jeux SEGA MegaDrive (aussi nommée SEGA Genesis), vous permettant de jouer sous Linux avec des ROMS téléchargées sur internet.

Consoles émulées (avec doc Bottin) :
SEGA Megadrive ou Genesis, SEGA CD ou MegaCD, SEGA 32X, SEGA Pico,

Interface externe optionnelle (dans le Bottin) : TkDgen et Gdgen (toutes deux dans le Bottin).

Ressources : voir la fiche "Ressources - Emulation (Nom de la console émulée)".
Attention : le téléchargement de ROMS commerciales est illégal à moins de les avoir acquises financièrement.

Description [en]

DGen/SDL is a free, open source emulator for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive systems.

DGen/SDL is a semi-fantastic emulator for Unix-esque operating systems supported by the Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) library.
It produces a virtual environment in which Sega Genesis (MegaDrive outside the US) games may run with fairly accurate audio and video.

DGen was originally written by Dave, then ported to SDL by Joe Groff and Phil K. Hornung in 1998.
Unfortunately, the project was abandoned at least since 2005 and much of its history gone with its original home page.

In 2008, tamentis decided to try to relive DGen/SDL by registering this project on SourceForge and made the source code of the last official release (version 1.23) available through CVS. He also created DGen's logo.

In August 2011, suddenly remembering Streets of Rage, I struggled to find a Mega Drive (Genesis) emulator able to run it on my current setup (Linux/x86_64), as most of them either targeted Windows, were completely written in x86 assembly, or just didn't work for some reason.

Because DGen was my emulator of choice since 2002, I resolved to have a look at the code and make it 64‐bit‐safe myself (only one month later, I found out that some people on some forums already created patches for this purpose). After that and some additional bugfixing, I noticed that tamentis was looking for a new maintainer, so I offered my help along with a bunch of patches and got the position.

DGen isn't the best Mega Drive/Genesis emulator out there, but it works and it's probably the most portable. It's also perfect for command‐line freaks.


☑ Game Genie/Hex codes support
☑ PAL/NTSC, fullscreen modes
☑ Joypad / joystick support
☑ OpenGL textured video output
☑ Portable (64‐bit, endian safe), runs in Windows using MinGW
☑ Screenshots, demos recording and playback
☑ Musashi and StarScream (x86‐only) CPU cores
☑ Cyclone 68000 and DrZ80 (ARM‐only) CPU cores
☑ CZ80 and MZ80 (generic and x86‐only versions)
☑ 16‐bit, 8000 to 48000Hz sound output
☑ Support for 8, 15, 16, 24 and 32 bpp modes
☑ Archived/compressed ROMs support
☑ M68K debugger (contributed by Edd Barrett)
☑ hqx and scale2x upscaling filters