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Created: 2012-09-18 Updated: 2015-09-19


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Description [fr]

Un framework et un moteur permettant le développement d'applications 3D (dont des jeux).

Delta3D est un moteur open source permettant la création de jeux, de simulations ou d'autres applications graphiques.
Sa conception modulaire intègre des projets open sources bien connus tels que Open Scene Graph (OSG), Open Dynamics Engine (ODE), Character Animation Library (CAL3D), et OpenAL aussi bien que d'autres tels que Trolltech’s Qt, Crazy Eddie’s GUI (CEGUI), Xerces-C, Producer, InterSense Tracker Drivers, HawkNL, et le Game Networking Engine (GNE).
Plutôt que d'enterrer ces modules sous-jacents, Delta3D les intègrent ensemble en une API ergonomique permettant un accès direct à un comportement sous-jacent important, lorsque nécessaire.

L'objectif premier de Delta3D est de fournir une API simple et flexible incorporant les éléments de base nécessaires à toutes les applications de visualisation. Il fournit également une variété d'outils tel qu'un éditeur de jeux, d'entraînement et de simulation (Simulation, Training, and Game Editor, aka STAGE), un compilateur BSP, un éditeur de particules, un afficheur de modèles indépendant et un afficheur HLA Stealth (ndt : ?).


☑ Cross Platform
☑ OpenGL
☑ Leverages other Open Source Projects
☑ UI, Audio, Character Animation, Networking, AI, and more!
☑ Python bindings

☑ dtCore
Contains all the common base functionality
• Input device mapping (Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick, Trackers)
• Motion models (Fly, UFO, Walk, Orbit, First Person)
• Environment rendering (clouds, haze, skyboxes, time of day)
• Particle System Effects (Smoke, Explosion, Custom)
• Terrain Rendering (Infinite Procedural terrain, Heightfield-based terrain)
• File loading
⚬ .3dc, .3ds, .ac, .dw, .flt, .geo, .ive, .logo, .lwo, .lws, .md2, .obj, .osg, .tgz, .x, .zip
⚬.bmp, .dds, .gif, .jpg, .pic, .png, .pnm, .rgb, .tga, .tiff, .txp
• Camera controls (Field of View, Tripod)
• Multiple camera support
• Multiple window support
• Physics (Rigid Body, Collision Detection, Auto-bounding shapes)
• Open GL Lighting
• Bezier path nodes
• Full OpenGL 2.0 support
• GLSL Vertex and Fragment Shaders

☑ dtABC
High-level Application Base Components. Useful for some application development.
• Application template
• Weather interface (visibility, cloud coverage)
• Window integration with Fast Light Toolkit (FLTK)
• Widget class to ease intergration with other window toolkits

Interface to HLA networking. Integrates internal components with user-supplied RTI.
• Coordinate system conversion
• Detonation interface
• HLA entity interface

☑ dtTerrain
Provides a framework for implementing terrain loading, rendering, and decorating. Pluggable architecture for renderers, reader, and decorators
• Paged terrain tiles, image utilities, and noise generation
• DTED reader
• SOARX renderer with continuous level of detail
• Procedural vegetation placement – land cover classification (LCC) support
• Image overlay decorator – GEOTIFF support

☑ dtDAL
The Dynamic Actor Layer provides a generic infrastructure for creating, accessing, and manipulating Actors.
• Actor proxy and actor property architecture
• Library management (Actor Registries)
• Project and map loading (XML)
• Actor property types: Sound, Terrain, Character, Texture, Static Mesh, Particle System, Enumeration, Actor, Color, Vec2/3/4, String, Int, Double, and more
• Base engine actor proxies

☑ dtGUI
Direct interface with Crazy Eddie’s GUI.
• UI Drawable and renderer
• Extensisble skinning interface
• Default GUI art

☑ dtGame
Provides a complete architecture for building complex games and training applications. The Game Manager (GM) is a high-level infrastructure for communicating between actors and components whether locally or in a client-server environment.
• Game Actor and Proxy
• GM Component architecture with plugin support - default message processor, rules component, and logger component
• Message infrastructure – message and parameter factories
• Network agnostic – support for single client, client/server, and playback
• Message streaming for sending, receiving, and recording messages
• Base client and server game managers

☑ dtUtil
Basic utility objects used throughout Delta3D.
• File logging and Xerces XML utilities
• Texture, noise, matrix, and string utilities
• Library Management
• Type safe enumerations

☑ dtAudio
Provides high-level functionality for audio playback.
• 2D/3D sounds
• Full control of sounds (gain, pitch, position, play, stop, pause, rewind, etc.)
• Doppler effect
• Efficient use of audio hardware

☑ dtNet
Provides high-level API for use with multiplayer networking.
• Server/Client architecture
• Reliable/unreliable packet transmition

☑ dtPython*
Provides access to the API though a Python scripting interface.
• Full API access

*requires additional download of Python and Boost

☑ STAGE – Simulation, Training, and Game Editor
A complete visual editor for building your 3D maps. STAGE
• Map editing – project resource and library management
• Visually create and manipulate actors
• Property editor and actor linking with undo/redo
• Split screen viewports – Perspective plus top, side, side orthographic views
• Wireframe, lighting, and textured modes
• Reconfigurable user interface with undo/redo
• Actor searching and global actor management
• Texture, mesh, sound, and particle browsers

☑ Tests
Delta3D provides an extensive suite of example applications and unit tests to get you started.
• Example test applications covering almost aspect of Delta3D
• Over 22,000 lines of unit tests

☑ Cross Platform
Can be used on many different compilers and operating systems.
• Uses CMake to create make files and project/solution settings

☑ Utilities
• Graphical Particle Effect Editor - Provides a convenient GUI and display for editing Particle Effects.
• 3D Model Viewer - An easy-to-use, standalone Viewer to preview 3D models.

Installation [fr]

Des rpm sont disponibles, à priori (non testé) convertibles en ".deb" via le programme alien (en dépôts).