Daedalus - Le Bottin des Jeux Linux



Title: Daedalus Type: Windows
Genre: Puzzle Status:
Category: Puzzle ➤ Transport ➤ Maze & Labyrinth Commercial:
Tags: Demo:
Released: Not Tracking Package Name:
Date: 2010-05-27 Extern Repo:
License: GPL v2+ Deb Repo:
View: Third person Package:
Graphic: 3D Binary: ✓
Mechanics: Source:
Played: Single PDA:
Quality (record): 4 stars Quality (game):
Contrib.: Goupil & Louis ID: 10722
Created: 2012-12-29 Updated: 2019-03-03



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Le couteau suisse du labyrinthe, permettant de concevoir, résoudre, visualiser et scripter des labyrinthes.


☑ Summary: Daedalus is a program that allows one to create, solve, analyze, view, walk through, and most of all have fun with Mazes.
• Create Mazes in numerous algorithms, dimensions, topologies, and tesselations.
• Solve Mazes automatically with various algorithms or navigate them manually.
• Analyze Mazes to tabulate statistics or highlight interesting areas.
• Explore Mazes from above or in a 3D first person perspective view.
• Automate Maze operations or implement games with a scripting language.
☑ Algorithms: Daedalus implements every one of the Maze creation and solving algorithms described in the following Maze algorithms page.
☑ Feature list: See the Daedalus documentation file for a comprehensive list of features, more information about the program, as well as help on all the actual commands within the program.
☑ Games: Daedalus contains its own macro language, through which one can write scripts to play games or do other advanced operations. Daedalus comes with 19 sample games (both Maze related and non-Maze related).
☑ Maze simulations: Daedalus can be used to simulate life size Maze plans on the computer. If you want to build a life size Maze, Daedalus can allow you to simulate walking through it before actually building it. If you've created a life size Maze before, Daedalus can allow you to still enjoy it after it's been taken down.
☑ Source code: Unlike most Maze creation software, Daedalus comes with its complete source code. This allows the programmer to see working examples of the various algorithms, and to customize the program even beyond what's provided by the macro language.
☑ Numb3rs: A Maze created by Daedalus was featured on the CBS show "Numb3rs". How many Maze programs can say they've been "advertised" on prime time television? ;-)
☑ New for version 2.3: Carleton Farm Maze, Mouse Maze, Custom Labyrinths.